A Picture A Day…

So lately I really missed having time to take my camera out and just go shoot whatever I feel like shooting. To compensate I have been browsing through pictures I took last year. So here’s the plan, I am going to post one picture, only one, but more often, until I have time to pick up my Canon once more. And to start us off with, here is a little mystery. Can you guess which dog of mine this is?

_MG_2295 3

Lucky shot?

I was visiting a dear friend of mine, and took the opportunity to make a few pic’s. Making a few test shots for the lighting is always the way to start for me, and after I found the setting I wanted, the first shot I took was the perfect one. Lucky shot? Or am I just that amazing?😉

Competition day

So last sunday, it was competition day for one of my friends and someone I know, and seeing that I was already there as groom, I took the opportunity to make some more pictures.







These are the mandatory dressage pictures, but by far (far away), these types of pictures are not my favorite. I aim for the pictures that embody that feeling of competition day; the excitement, the tension, the love for the sport, the bond rider and horse share, the proud feeling and even the relief at the end of the ride. So I am much prouder to present the next series of pictures.


_MG_4663 2 (2)




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