Photography takes you places. Weird Places.

This weekend I went to the local cemetery for some pictures. And good thing I did because not only is it a great location, but also a lot of the old and decayed tombstones will be removed soon. Such a shame.

_MG_5007 2 (2)


_MG_5012 (2)


_MG_5040 3


_MG_5043 2


_MG_5085 3


_MG_5117 3


_MG_5142 3


_MG_5164 3


A stroll at the port

I took a stroll at the port of Ghent, and loved the industrial and lonesome feel of the old buildings and ships, with their colors fading. Not sure if the pictures reflect this enough, so comments are very welcome.

_MG_1702 3


_MG_1713 4



_MG_1761 3

Let’s face it, this is awesome

Came across this alley in Ghent which had amazing graffiti, and these faces caught my eye (pun intended) immediately. Wonder how this was made too.


_MG_0884 4


_MG_0885 2


_MG_0887 4


Thirsty anyone?

_MG_4870 5






_MG_4917 2


Let’s play ball.

_MG_4599 2



Who says horses can’t fly?

_MG_4018 4

_MG_4278 3


Springtime fun

_MG_3002 2


My hometown :-)

_MG_4420 9

_MG_4495 7

_MG_4520 2

_MG_9051 3


A trip to the home decor & garden store

_MG_3588 3 (2)

_MG_3607 2


_MG_3621 2

_MG_3626 (2)

_MG_3682 2