Seeing that I’m still am a beginner, sometimes I come across a picture that’s nice but that is completely over- or underexposed.  And than, and I know this is probably not the way to go, I see what that photograph looks like in black & white. I feel that monochrome pictures can handle much more contrast, so over- or underexposure isn’t that big of a deal. Do you feel the same way?

This picture is one of those pictures. One side of the horse was way to dark and while the white spots are overexposed. But still. I like this picture.

Equine photography

My loyal followers might recognize this rider from the Beautiful Friesian post. I’ve also been experimenting with the film-mode on my DSLR, and one of the videos I made is of him and a gorgeous horse called Benton. If you want to see it (but don’t expect to much of it), you can find it on youtube.

Btw when can I stop calling myself a beginner?


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