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Many photographers have been interested in photography since an early age, and my journey started in the same way. Although for me it never amounted to anything more than travel and hobby pics with a basic digital camera. Since January 2014 this changed bigtime. At age 26 I bought a Canon 1100D DSLR and invested in a decent lens, the ES 70-200 mm F4 L USM. I also use a very basic 18-55 mm lens, which I use mostly for my more urban/architectural pictures. Been wondering if I should invest in an F2.8 lens lately though. I also enrolled in a basic course to get a hang of the technical features of my camera.

I started this blog because I thought it was a shame to take pictures and not do anything with them. But after 5 posts I already learned that blogging just ain’t that easy. And now I blog to find out what kind of photographer I am (yes, seeing that my blog name is ‘Point Of View Photography’, I see the irony). What I have learned so far is that I want my pictures to bring up emotions; a smile, a shiver, goosebumps, a chuckle.

Of course feedback is very welcome, both on the technical aspects of photography as on the artistic side. Even just letting me know which picture is your (least) favorite is very helpful.

I  hope you will follow my journey!


(All photographs and other images in this blog are © copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent – All rights reserved)


7 thoughts on “About me

    1. True and thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t ready to share personal information or a selfie, that’s why I chose that shot. But it is something to think about indeed.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! I Just had time to view a few posts of yours and I am impressed! I love far away places and great photos, your blog has been officially followed 😃 I love to comment, so get ready. .. ha!

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