I’m sorry but the coolest dogsport ever deserves more space on my blog. A lot more space. Do you remember this one?

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A Picture A Day…

So lately I really missed having time to take my camera out and just go shoot whatever I feel like shooting. To compensate I have been browsing through pictures I took last year. So here’s the plan, I am going to post one picture, only one, but more often, until I have time to pick up my Canon once more. And to start us off with, here is a little mystery. Can you guess which dog of mine this is?

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Misty morning walk

Woke up this morning and saw that it was misty. This weather gave my morning walk an extra mysterious quality. At least I think so.

Misty Morning walk

Misty Morning walk

Misty Morning walk

Misty Morning walk

Off course, my four legged friends wanted ‘a piece’ of the spotlight too. So demanding… ūüėČ

Misty Morning walk


Misty Morning walk


Okay as I said earlier, I went to a dog frisbee training this week. Now I’m still editing the pictures, but I wanted to share one already because I think it’s √ľber cool! My god dog frisbee is amazing.

Dog frisbee training

As promised: number 2

When I posted a picture of my Golden Retriever (if you missed it: click here), I promised you guys to tell you a little more about four legged friend number two: my Bernese Mountain dog Hagar (named after the cartoon character Hägar the Horrible).

I think my dogs are equally great and gorgeous, but I have different¬†type of bond with Hagar. Not only because he’s my first dog, but also because Bernese Mountain dogs have a tendency to bond with one person in particular, in contrast to Retrievers who tend to love everyone. And Hagar is like that, I’m the only person that matters to him, the only one he is focused on and the only one he would protect when being attacked. And seeing that he is quite small for his breed, I get all of that rapped up in a cute little fur ball :-).

Hagar, my Bernese Mountain Dog

Hagar, my Bernese Mountain Dog

Hagar, my Bernese Mountain Dog

Hagar, my Bernese Mountain Dog

This last picture I didn’t actually take myself, but I found it recently in my box of old school analog¬†pictures and wanted to share it anyway, seeing that it is the cutest picture ever of Hagar :-).

Retrieve this!

I have two four legged friends running around at home and my retriever Fonne (kind of an¬†abbreviation for Trifon)¬†is one of them. This picture of him is my all time favorite, because in it’s simplicity it shows what he is all about: high energy swimming.

Stay tuned to find out what four legged friend number two looks like!

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