How to celebrate?

No picture in this post, just a question. I’m getting pretty close to the 1.000 views on my blog (yes I’m abnormally proud šŸ™‚ ), how should I celebrate this? Dressing my dogs up in a festive costume? Posting an actual selfie instead of the vague one on my ‘About me’ page? Or something else? Let me know what you would like to see!



As promised, a more joyful post :-).

Every year a big fair comes to Ghent, and for meĀ this was the perfect opportunity to play around with shutter speed. I also love the contrast between the more historical buildings and the neon lights.

Don’t know why but gimp refuses to openĀ images with bulb shutter speed so no editing andĀ Point Of View Photography-logoĀ on some. Who knows why this is?

_MG_5458 4


_MG_5475 2