So the Belgian championships in dressage are over, and I am still processing the thousands (litteraly) of photographs. But here’s one of a pirouette I want to share.

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If you look closely, you can also see my new logo in the left corner ūüôā



Another western story

So after seeing a lot of dressage shows, it was time for a little change. Still horse related, but very different.

Since a few days I have an instagram account. You can find me by the name povp.amd

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Western Style

So for these pictures… I went Western. In contrast to dressage, there is far more color in this branch of the horse sports. With a little help from Lightroom, I made the colors pop.

I am really trying to specialize¬†in portrait photography, and these fit right into the theme I’ve creating: showing the bond between rider and horse.

No worries; I will post other things too!

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Back in the saddle

So I am back in the saddle. By which I mean… taking pictures of people in the saddle. And again, I am proud enough of some of the pictures to post them here.

Two different riders, two different horses, but one thing in common; the love they share for their horse. And as usual, I am not moved by the riding pictures, how stunning theses horses may be. It’s the pictures I take after their ride I love the most. I don’t even want to put my logo on them, it would just spoil it.

Comments are welcomed! Please forgive me for the lighting problems I’ve had in the first shoot.

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And even my first collage:

Patsy Collage 2



_MG_2195 2


Lucky shot?

I was visiting a dear friend of mine, and took the opportunity to make a few pic’s. Making a few test shots for the lighting is always the way to start for me, and after I found the setting I wanted, the first shot I took was the perfect one. Lucky shot? Or am I just that amazing? ūüėČ


Competition day

So last sunday, it was competition day for one of my friends and someone I know, and seeing that I was already there as groom, I took the opportunity to make some more pictures.







These are the mandatory dressage pictures, but by far (far away), these types of pictures are not my favorite. I aim for the pictures that embody that feeling of competition day; the excitement, the tension, the love for the sport, the bond rider and horse share, the proud feeling and even the relief at the end of the ride. So I am much prouder to present the next series of pictures.


_MG_4663 2 (2)




Feel free to comment!


2014, a look back

Ok so we are well in the year 2015, time for a look back on all the horse-related pictures I took in 2014.  Hope you enjoy!

_MG_2786 2 (2)  _MG_2987 2

_MG_2421  _MG_2645 2  _MG_1979 2

_MG_2038 3 (2)





  IMG_0413 2    IMG_0422 2

_MG_1411  _MG_1429 2

IMG_0431 3

_MG_0980    _MG_0704    _MG_6438 2 (2)

IMG_0747 (2)

_MG_3004 3   _MG_2994 2


_MG_0628 (2)   _MG_8793 (2)

_MG_6032 2

_MG_8843  _MG_8712 (2)

IMG_0609 3
_MG_5661 3




I am ashamed. Very.Much.Ashamed. It’s been 7 months since my last post. It’s no excuse, but I have been so busy. But I must say, the pictures that I did take in these last month, have almost all been horse-related. And I wonder if you really care about those pictures? Let me know if you want to see them!
But in other news, I made a video that I’m actually quite proud of (and if you know me, you know that I’m actually saying: I made a video that I’m RIDICULOUSLY proud of). I hope you guys like it too! I shared it with The Horseaholic (another blogger), she posted it on her blog and on facebook, and it got shared 180 times and viewed more than 1.000 times in one day. So if you don’t like it, my peeps, I am officially taking all my horsie-videos-and-pictures to facebook and deleting this blog ;-). LIKE IT DAMN IT! ūüėČ
Here it is:

Btw, I realize now, while writing, that I’ve really missed this. Getting my story out there, and waiting a little anxiously for your reactions. It’s like a little thrill when you like what I have to say.



Last week I did a few horse & rider shoots, in general to help friends who are selling there horse and needed some pictures . For this one¬†I wanted¬†the horse to point her ears forward, because I think it’s prettier. So I asked an innocent bystander to stand next to me and make some noise to catch the horses’ (is this the right way to write this?) attention. And we ended up with this…

Equine photography

Not the dressage-picture I was aiming for! It was my intention to capture only the horse, but now I feel sorry that I didn’t get the rider on as well.

But in the end, all was okay and I got the shot I wanted.

Equine photography