Last week I did a few horse & rider shoots, in general to help friends who are selling there horse and needed some pictures . For this one I wanted the horse to point her ears forward, because I think it’s prettier. So I asked an innocent bystander to stand next to me and make some noise to catch the horses’ (is this the right way to write this?) attention. And we ended up with this…

Equine photography

Not the dressage-picture I was aiming for! It was my intention to capture only the horse, but now I feel sorry that I didn’t get the rider on as well.

But in the end, all was okay and I got the shot I wanted.

Equine photography



Seeing that I’m still am a beginner, sometimes I come across a picture that’s nice but that is completely over- or underexposed.  And than, and I know this is probably not the way to go, I see what that photograph looks like in black & white. I feel that monochrome pictures can handle much more contrast, so over- or underexposure isn’t that big of a deal. Do you feel the same way?

This picture is one of those pictures. One side of the horse was way to dark and while the white spots are overexposed. But still. I like this picture.

Equine photography

My loyal followers might recognize this rider from the Beautiful Friesian post. I’ve also been experimenting with the film-mode on my DSLR, and one of the videos I made is of him and a gorgeous horse called Benton. If you want to see it (but don’t expect to much of it), you can find it on youtube.

Btw when can I stop calling myself a beginner?

Beautiful Friesian

What most of my followers don’t know is that my first love is, has been and always will be, horses and everything that has to do with horses. So off course, combining my interest for photography with my interest for horses is a logical consequence.

I am particularly proud of these shot’s, seeing that lighting in an indoor arena is tricky and so is working with a dark horse like this gorgeous Friesian. And the rider didn’t make it any easier for me by wearing a white t-shirt. He is btw one of my two instructors, and a great one at that. More info about his and his partner’s stables, Belga Horses, you can find here (only in Dutch).


_MG_5661 3


_MG_5676 3


_MG_5697 4


_MG_5722 3


Let’s play ball.

_MG_4599 2



Who says horses can’t fly?

_MG_4018 4

_MG_4278 3